How To Catapult Your Acting Career By Creating Your Own Content

Stop Waiting. Start Creating.

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The Free Live Call that I hosted in March was such a hit that I've decided to re-create the call as a powerful webinar!

This is not just a simple replay, this is so much more. Enjoy!


During "How To Catapult Your Acting Career By Creating Your Own Content,


  • How to discover the most effective type of project to create for yourself that actually can catapult your career to the next level

  • How to get the money so that you can create and produce your very own project

  • How to leverage that project in order to get the representation that you want or book your career changing role

Your Instructor

angela matemotja
angela matemotja

Welcome my fellow thespians! I’m Angela Matemotja and like you, I am an actor. You can catch me in Tyler Perry’s latest film THE SINGLE MOM’S CLUB, and starring in my own film ONE MOMENT PLEASE, which will be released in 2016.

I am also an award winning indie filmmaker, NAACP theatre award nominee, programmer for Women With a Vision at Action on Film Festival, and author of the upcoming book-THE SELF PRODUCING ACTOR (an inspirational road map to ignite your creativity and empower yourself as an artist). My book will be released in 2017.

I’ve found creating my own projects to be incredibly fulfilling, empowering and life changing. My wish for all actors that are still waiting to be cast in their dream role, is to experience the thrill and creative jolt that happens when one starts producing their own projects.

I developed Idea 2 Pre-production for actors that are committed to taking charge of their careers by creating leading roles for themselves.

Idea 2 Pre production takes the guess work out of self producing so that you can create a vehicle to take your acting career to the next level.

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